Greek Yogurt Funfetti Cupcakes!

One of my best friends, Katie, just got her appendix taken out after it ruptured last week while I was away. I’m going over to see her later today for the first time since it has happened, so I decided to bake her a healthy little get-well treat! She’s a big cake fan, so I went with cupcakes. I had Betty Crocker’s Super Moist Rainbow Party Mix (same thing as funfetti). I wanted to make a healthier version of these cupcakes because: 1. I wanted to have a taste, 2. Katie is a big gym goer and cannot exercise right now due to recovery, so I knew she would appreciate them not being loaded with fat, sugar, and oil, and 3. healthier is better! I will upload a detailed post later regarding ingredients, steps, and pictures! As of right now, I still have to frost them, so they aren’t 100% ready (I made lemon icing-well, I flavored vanilla frosting with Pure Lemon Extract and added orange food coloring to make them bright and happy looking). But, I will say that I had my 1 cupcake (sans frosting), and it was delicious! I was so happy they turned out well. I have lots of stuff I want to add later, so hopefully I’ll make it happen tonight or tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a good week and enjoying the Olympics!!
xoxo Kim


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