Apple Picking!

Today, Chris and I went Apple Picking at Indian Ladder Farms 🙂

Indian Ladder Farms!

I absolutely love this place. This was our 2nd time apple picking here, and it was better than I remember. We go apple picking first, put the apples in the car, and then go shop inside. Today, I bought all my ingredients for our dinner (which will be in the next post), sweet apple cider, pumpkin bread mix, almond butter, and black raspberry preserves. I want to bake something next weekend on the 22nd, since it’s the first day of fall, so I decided on pumpkin bread when I saw it in the shop. And tomorrow, with the apples that we picked this afternoon, I am going to make baked apples and use them in a creative way that I found on Pinterest…so come back tomorrow to see what it is!

Freshly Picked Apples!

I had one of the apples when we got home because I couldn’t resist, and it was one of the best apples I’ve had in my life. It was crisp, not too sweet and so fresh. If you like apples, I highly suggest going apple picking sometime this season-it’s fun and you get the most delicious apples!


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