Fitness & Outdoor Running Tips + a 10 Minute Workout

Time for some more fitness! I came across some great fitness tips and ideas recently via Pinterest and wanted to share them with you! Seeing as it is now Fall, and some of you may be venturing outside for outdoor running since the summer heat is no longer an issue, I thought it would be good to share some Outdoor Running Tips, courtesy of SHAPE Magazine:

The Great Outdoors!

  1. Don’t Do Too Much Too Soon
  2. Try To Keep Pace
  3. Ease into Running on Pavement (Trails are softer and much more fun!)
  4. Wear The Right Shoes (I always opt for light weight, flexible shoes that promote the natural movement of feet; *Note: Heel Striking while running is hard on your joints and counterproductive when it comes to energy-try a midfoot/forefoot strike: striking the ground with the soft padding of your foot right under your toes.Β NOT heel first or toe first!)
  5. Don’t Get Lost!–please be safe and know where you’re going. Don’t get lost OR be a target

The actual article lists these in the form of outdoor mistakes, but I changed them into tips. So keep that in mind if you click the article: they give the common mistakes and tell you how to avoid them. I changed them into tips for easy, quick reading. The main point is that if you are transitioning from the treadmill to the outdoors there are things to be cautious about! The treadmill is an easy and predictable surface, while the outdoors are not! If you find a park, road, path, or outdoor circuit that you think you would like to start running, maybe take a walk on it one day and try to scope out the scene-especially if it’s a park. You may notice rocks, pot holes, hills, and other things that you don’t encounter in the gym. This way, you can make note of them and be prepared for them when you set out for your run. Additionally, it can help you with #5-Don’t Get Lost! And you’ll be more familiar with the circuit, so you won’t look like you don’t know where you’re going-which can be very dangerous! So take it easy, get used to it and be safe! Remember, easing into it isn’t bad or weak — it’s smart! You don’t want to do too much too soon or push yourself to the extent where you end up hurting yourself; where is that going to land you? In bed or on the couch unable to do anything. The most important thing is that you are active, and easing into a new form of exercise or running is the smart thing to do that will help you get better faster! Β Trust me — I have made this mistake before, and I learned my lesson!

*Don’t have time for an outdoor run? In a rush? Here’s a great video from the TODAY Show on a weight-free, 10 Minute Workout!

Hope all this information helps you reach your fitness goals! Good luck, be safe and have fun! Happy exercising πŸ™‚


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