Choose Real Food! Like Butter

We are in the middle of the holiday season, and with that comes lots of cooking and food. My main advice to all people looking to attain healthy lives and lifestyles is EAT REAL FOOD. One food, in particular, that I think most people are afraid of is butter. Butter is not a bad thing, let alone a bad thing to eat. Butter substitutes are way worse for you. They aren’t real food. To back up my belief on real food and real butter in particular, is Body Ecology. Here is a great article on the 20 Health Benefits of Real ButterΒ . Here is a sample of the benefits listed in the article:

  1. Most easily absorbed source of Vitamin A-vital for thyroid and adrenal regulation
  2. Cholesterol Metabolism support
  3. Anti-oxidants
  4. Anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties
  5. Good source of Vitamin D to aid in Vitamin C absorption
  6. Helps protect against infections
  7. Muscle builder and immunity booster
  8. May aid in fertility of women

and much more! That’s not even half of the list. So, PLEASE, do not be afraid of real food, especially real butter. Moderation and serving sizes are the key. Instead, be afraid of the other stuff.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy eating!


2 thoughts on “Choose Real Food! Like Butter

  1. A post after my own heart! I love pastured butter and use it liberally. Incidentally, since I’ve embraced real butter and real food including lots of natural fats I’ve easily lost quite a bit of weight with minimal effort (though I don’t consider cooking an effort).

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