Questions About Oils and Training Update

My cousin, Jill, follows Living Health on Facebook and just asked a question about coconut oil. She asked, “Can you enlighten me on when and why to use coconut oil verse when not to?” And this was my reply,

“Coconut oil can be used for almost anything. It’s great in sautéing and baking because it has a high heat tolerance, so it’s safer to use under medium to high heat over some other oils. The only cooking style coconut oil is not recommended for is frying, there are others that are better for that. You can use it in place of butter, and I also coat my pans with it when I bake something like chicken. Coconut oil can also be used on your skin and hair. It is so good for our bodies, too: it supports weight loss, healthy thyroid function, fights infections and viruses and helps good cholesterol, among other things.”
I replied on my phone, so I tried to keep it clear and concise. But the point is, there are hundreds of uses for coconut oil; it is truly amazing. There are so many health benefits from weight loss, cholesterol support, aid against infections and viruses, skin health, hair health, mood health, and hormone health. Among my research, I came across 3 articles that hit the nail on the head in driving home the main benefits and a list of ways to use coconut oil. Also, when I cook with it, I truly think it makes my food taste better. I love baking season chicken and zucchini or yellow squash in the oven in coconut oil. When it’s done, I put everything on a plate and drizzle the oil from the pan over the food. So good!
But if you’re like Jill and wondering when to use certain oils, whether it’s a matter of cooking temperature, cooking style, for baking, or what pairs well with certain foods, here are some great articles all about the benefits and uses of coconut oil and others:
  1. “101 Uses for Coconut Oil” by Wellness Mama
  2. “Health Benefits of Coconut Oil” by
  3. “Cooking Oils” by Whole Foods Market 

Oils are great, but it’s important to use them correctly. Give these articles a glance or save them for future reference. And as always, enjoy! xoxo

P.S. Quick training update: my 10k program is going great! I’m even doing longer runs than the schedule gives me. But my big update is on the Brazil Butt Workout. Today I noticed such a difference in my leg strength; the front of my thighs are getting so much stronger after only one week! I won’t be checking out my behind and looking for results there until week 3 or 4. I’m about to start my second week, and I’m happy so far. This workout really is for the entire lower body: abs, thighs, and butt. Can’t wait to see my progress after a few more weeks! 

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