Soup and Vegetables

Here’s what I just had for dinner: Pacific Organic/All-Natural Roasted Rep Pepper and Tomato soup (soo good!); steamed peas, carrots, and organic zucchini with salt, pepper, garlic powder drizzled with organic extra virgin olive oil after steaming; and 1 slice of gluten free, multigrain local bread.


This meal was so quick and easy. All I had to do was let the vegetables steam with the seasonings (do not heat with the oil) and heat up the soup in a pot. Once everything was hot and ready, I put the soup in a soup bowl and the vegetables in a separate dish. I added the olive oil once the vegetables were in my dish, because it has been found that olive oil isn’t best under heat. You can still use olive oil, and it is still great for you but better at room temperature. I didn’t toast the bread; I kept it soft, because I dipped it in my soup 🙂 All of this took me less than 20 minutes and was so tasty. This meal is a great lunch or dinner for a cloudy, chilly day just like today.


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