Check Your Stevia!

Anyone use Stevia regularly? I do! I am so happy I came across this on Food Babe’s Facebook page. There are so many scary things out there that you do not know unless someone does the hard investigative work and shares it with the rest of us. Therefore, I feel compelled to share this with all of you.

I am a regular stevia consumer. I always buy Stevia in the Raw, thinking it is raw stevia as opposed to stevia extract. I was too quick to assume, and I was wrong. After reading this article, I am 100% never buying any kind of stevia extract product again. I will now switch to liquid 100% whole stevia, coconut palm sugar, or grow my own one day! (I can’t wait to have my own garden) So I will be on the hunt this weekend while grocery shopping for a pure, safe stevia or coconut palm sugar (which is what Food Babe uses herself).

Here’s the article from the Food Babe website. Check out her other articles to really educate yourself on what’s in our food! Spread the news, you could be saving someone’s health.


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