Snacking on-the-go

Snacking on-the-go can be tough; it is so easy to make an unhealthy decision. However, I’m finding that now, more than ever before, it’s becoming easier to find wholesome snacks while out and on the run. I always look for KIND bars; they are almost everywhere: supermarkets, starbucks, random stores, gas stations, and I’m sure many other places.IMG_1203

When you’re out and in need of a snack try to think of a close location that would have good options. I know where I can get KIND bars and other healthy options, therefore I go immediately to one of those locations to grab something. Do not tempt yourself by going into some place with no healthy options; it is not worth it! Keep your eye out and try to remember which of the places and stores you frequent carry wholesome snacks, like KIND bars, almonds, mixed nuts, yogurt, fresh fruit, etc. And always, always read your labels! If you spot a snickers bar and are tempted to get it, I guarantee reading the nutrition label and ingredients list will change your mind.

Packing healthy and wholesome snacks is always the best thing to do, but let’s face it, we don’t always have the time. Try your best to set aside a few extra minutes before you leave the house to pack snacks or do it the night before. But when the time strikes and your snackless, just be smart 🙂



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