Eating Well While Away

Last weekend I was away in Montauk for my sister’s bachelorette weekend. Aside from Montauk being my favorite place that I’ve ever been to, I also love the great food options. I always plan my meals ahead of time because that’s how I stay in control, balance my diet, and feel my best. Planning is key. If you do not plan or think ahead, you are tempting yourself with making a poor decision. Here are some of the meals I ate while on the road/away:

  • (on the road) Larabar and water
  • (lunch) Egg white scramble with quinoa, avocado, lettuce, and tomato + side of yogurt, granola, and strawberries
  • (snack) KIND bar and an orange
  • (dinner) Salad with grilled chicken + small packet of mixed nuts
  • (breakfast) Egg whites, turkey bacon, avocado, and spinach on a whole wheat wrap, banana, iced coffee
  • (lunch) Apple and “Breakfast in Barbados Smoothie” made with oats, banana, almond milk, coconut water, and a touch of cinnamon (there was originally honey instead of coconut water, but I asked for the substitution and added the cinnamon myself)
  • (dinner) Crabmeat cocktail with avocado as an appetizer, atlantic swordfish with mango salsa, coconut jasmine rice, and sesame toasted green beans (all delicious!)
  • (dinner treat) Two mango margaritas–made with mango puree (I was on vacation!) 🙂
  • (breakfast) Chobani yogurt, banana, small pack of almonds, iced coffee



*And always, lots and lots of water! Especially now that it’s summertime and we are all out in the sun and heat.

Do some research before you go somewhere. Can you find a place that offers good, healthy food options? If so, utilize it! Don’t brush it off because you’re on vacation. In Montauk, there is an organic and natural food market/cafe where I get my smoothies, fruit, KIND bars, and other snacks or things to bring back to my room while I am there. It is so amazing to have a place you can rely on while away.


You’re supposed to go on vacation to relax, so don’t make the mistake of going overboard and indulging every day at every meal to come home and feel guilty. Find whole food options, stick with them, and plan! Planning will help you indulge wisely. I knew I wanted to enjoy my dinner, so I had a big breakfast (the egg white wrap) and a smaller lunch (apple and smoothie). I also bought a small (1 serving) size bar of Green and Black’s Organic 70% Dark Chocolate and put it in the fridge in my room. That way, if I really wanted a treat I knew where it was and what it was going to be. But I planned to make dinner my time to get what I want, and I did (hello, two margaritas!). I didn’t even have the dark chocolate til I came home!

All weekend I was satisfied and eating delicious foods. I came home without an ounce of guilt. The two margaritas and traveling certainly made me retain a little water, but within two days of being in my normal routine and fitting in some running and swimming, I was back to normal. Hope this helps guide some of your vacation planning! Remember to stay active, too! Go for a swim, take a walk through town, maybe squeeze in a run on the beach–even if it’s for 20-30 minutes; you’ll feel so much better! I went in the ocean and got to walk in town a bit, then got right back into my normal routine when I was home and had a good night’s sleep. Be healthy, be wise, and enjoy yourself!


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