Pleasantville Farmer’s Market

Yesterday morning I visited the Pleasantville Farmer’s Market and had an amazing time! I sampled some great food: sun-dried tomatoes, pickles, pickled mushrooms, pesto, and a few nut butters. I purchased zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, white peaches, Tabbouleh salad, pickled mushrooms, chocolate hazelnut butter, and a cranberry pecan roll! Most of the things I bought are organic, but absolutely everything is extremely fresh, good quality, and delicious.

I love everything about farmer’s markets. It is such a warm, friendly, happy, and tasty place. I strongly suggest getting to a farmer’s market before the summer is over and they disappear for the fall/winter or move indoors. Farmer’s Markets also support the local community and farms, which is always a nice thing to be apart of. There’s still time! Get out there! 🙂

Pictures from the Pleasantville Farmer’s Market:




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