What I Ate Wednesday

I have two dishes to share from yesterday, post-workout Greek yogurt and a very veggie dinner plate.

This isn’t all I ate yesterday. I always eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and usually a small snack or two. These are just two pieces of what I ate yesterday that were really good and healthful, so I want to share 🙂

First up is the Greek yogurt. To make this I used:
1) 3/4 c Fage Total plain Greek yogurt
2) 1 tsp organic cacao powder
3) cinnamon, as little or as much as you like
4) a few drops of liquid stevia

~ All you have to do is put everything in a bowl, stir, and enjoy! I paired this with some baby carrots and a gala apple. Delicious. The yogurt almost tastes like a pudding. [300 Calories and 15 grams of protein]

Next up is the vegetable plate. I bought a package of fresh vegetables from my grocery store called a Primavera mix. It had:
1) yellow and green squash
2) broccoli florets
3) yellow, green, and red peppers
4) onion
5) black olives
6) what looked like pine nuts but I’m not sure
7) and I added some baby spinach

Unfortunately, the contents weren’t labeled, so I don’t know what that little pine nut looking ingredient was.

~ I picked out the black olives and ate them first 🙂 then I put all the vegetables from the package in a steamer and added some Real Salt and cracked pepper. A few minutes before I took it off the stove, I added in the spinach because it cooks so quickly. Lastly, I put it on a plate and stirred in 1 tbs of hummus. The hummus melts and makes a light but tasty sauce. It’s so good and adds a bit of protein. I also ate an Applegate Organic beef hotdog. My guilty pleasure, but they’re so much better than “regular” hotdogs–gross. [250 Calories for everything: olives, veggies, hummus, and hotdog! The wonder of bulking up your meals with vegetables!]

Here they are:




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