Fall Recipes

There is no season that I love as much as Fall and the food that comes along with it. From pumpkin to various kinds of squash and sweet potatoes, what’s there not to love?


The other night I had a great dinner made up of pork, that I covered in all-natural unsweetened apple sauce and peas, steamed broccoli, and a baked sweet potato. I saved the sweet potato for last, cut it up, and drizzled on some organic grade A pure maple syrup. It was amazing; nature’s candy!


Last night I wanted a lighter dinner, so I baked some spaghetti squash. I cut my spaghetti squash width wise because it is so much easier than cutting it length wise. After cutting it in half, you just have to scoop out the pulp and seeds, then it is ready for you to dress it up! I rub some coconut oil into each half and in sprinkle Real Salt and cracked pepper. I use coconut oil for several reasons: 1) it is safe for high heat cooking and baking, unlike Olive Oil which should only be used at room temperature; 2) the many health benefits; and of course, 3) the taste! I ate my squash with some steamed spinach and black beans. It was such a great mix of flavors and textures!



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