Classic, Primal, Dark Hot Chocolate

Cozying up by the fire, the Christmas tree, or with a good book can be the best thing on a cold winter’s day or night. And what’s cozier than hot chocolate?


Photo courtesy of Eating Evolved

When I think of winter, I think of hot chocolate. I loved it as a kid and love it now. However, I rarely ever have it because store-bought hot chocolate is pure junk. I’ve made it with raw cacao powder, but somehow the pros always do it better. Thanks to Danielle Walker and her Against All Grain Instagram account, I stumbled upon Eating Evolved: the Primal Dark Chocolate Company. This company is like winning the chocolate lottery for every health-conscious chocolate lover out there. They have baking products, gift boxes, hot chocolate mixes, coconut butter cups, primal dark chocolate, and dark chocolate truffles. Is your mouth watering yet? If not, look for yourself and start shopping here.

They have a few hot chocolate mixes: classic hot chocolate, aztec hot chocolate, and mocha hot chocolate. The classic hot chocolate is made with:

  • organic cacao powder
  • organic maple sugar
  • 72% organic dark chocolate (organic cacao, organic maple sugar)
  • Madagascar ground vanilla

That’s it! No scary ingredients, nothing artificial, no soy, and nothing processed. Jackpot! Plus, a jar costs $9.99. I wish I discovered this earlier. I can’t wait to order a jar and try it out. If you’ve been missing your hot chocolate because you can’t find a trustworthy kind, now you have it! Your prayers have been answered.


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