At-Home Kettlebell Workout

Have a kettlebell at home? Today is a snow day on the east coast and therefore a perfect day for an at-home workout. I usually do a mix of things when I workout at home but having a detailed, mapped out workout can be more motivational and just what you need to ensure that you actually workout. This workout is from Self.comΒ and roughly 26 minutes long. WARNING: This workout is killer. It’s meant to be done twice, but I could only do it once. I’ll get there. Eventually. Maybe…. Anyway, it’s a great workout–heart-pumping, heavy breathing, demanding, and sweaty. Everything you want and need from a workout.

I purchased my kettlebell, pictured below, at T.J. Max for under $10. It was probably one of my best purchases in the last year. I use it all the time as a way to get full-body strength training in at home. If done correctly, you really feel it in your entire body: arms, legs, and most of all–abs. Yes, your abs. If you perform the swinging motions properly, you’re actually using your core more than anything else. My kettlebell came with a little pamphlet that gives you 5 exercises and explains how to do them. But if yours does not come with such a handy tool, fear not! You can always Google or YouTube how to perform any exercise properly and safely.

My kettlebell is only 5 lbs, but I will probably get a 15 lbs one soon (apparently mine is extremely light, oops). I honestly knew nothing about kettlebells when I bought mine and probably should have researched what weight to get. But honestly, this thing still gives me a great workout, so I’ll work up to the 15 or 25 pounder. Til then, this will do.

If you’re thinking of getting a kettlebell, I highly suggest it. In the warmer months I would use my kettlebell after running outside, and now I mix it into some of my at-home workouts. It’s also a great tool for warming up. When I have an at-home workout planned and don’t really feel like doing it, I’ll grab my kettlebell and do a few double-arm and single-arm swings and within a minute I am ready to go. Seriously. It’s the best warm up because it targets major muscle groups, really “warming up” your entire body. And it makes me feel strong. So pick up one of these gems, and you will not regret it.


At-Home Kettlebell Workout from SelfΒ 

There are cardio moves mixed into this workout, like jumping jacks and high knees, so you’re heart should be pumping! I wish there were pictures for some of the moves, but I’ll do my best. Be careful with your kettlebell and do a move slowly at first if you aren’t sure how to do it.

Enjoy! xoxo

Do you like to workout at home? Let me know in the comment section!

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