MARCH Your Way into WELLNESS & Benefit the Africa Yoga Project

Hi all,

Exciting news! I got myself an internship with two amazing women–Sarah Anne Stewart, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Fern Langham, Certified Yoga Instructor–and their new business, Bliss Out Retreats! Sarah and Fern are so kind, driven, and passionate about what they do each and every day. Sarah has her own company, Introducing Wellness and Fern has her own business, Yoga with Fern. Although Sarah specializes in Holistic Health coaching while Fern specializes in Yoga practice, they both have extensive knowledge and experience in multiple areas regarding health and wellness. The two are best friends, soul sisters and lovers of traveling. Putting together their many passions–health, wellness, yoga, travel, coaching, teaching, inspiring, loving, and having fun while doing it–they created Bliss Out Retreats, a health+yoga getaway designed to teach you how to find your way into wellness. The retreats are kept to a small group but also provide individualized attention. What will you find on a Bliss Out retreat? I’m glad you asked! A Bliss Out retreat provides you with delicious, healthy meals prepared by a Natural Foods Culinary Chef; guided meditation; yoga workshops; a nutrition workshop; spa and beauty workshop; and surfing. And that’s just to name a few! Their up-coming workshop is February 27th-March 3rd in Puerto Rico! You can get the program description and FAQs here.


If you want to get a taste of what these two women are all about, you can do just that this March in NYC! I will be helping Sarah and Fern put on two workshops that will benefit the Africa Yoga Project. This is a wonderful project that helps youths in Africa find their inner greatness through Yoga. It’s a beautiful project and all proceeds from the two workshops will go to the Africa Yoga Project. The workshops will be held on March 9th and March 15th, 2014.

March 9th is the Africa Yoga Project Benefit: Introducing Health and Wellness to NYC at Pure Yoga.


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The link above will bring you to the Facebook page for the event. You can read more about the event there and then sign up or make a donation here. One ticket is extremely affordable and you will learn so much within those two hours, I promise you. If you cannot attend but still wish to help, you can make a donation by purchasing a ticket and then e-mailing to inform Sarah and Fern that you will not be attending but simply making a donation.

March 15th is the Twist Your Way into Spring to Benefit the Africa Yoga Project.

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Once again, the link above will bring you to the Facebook page for the event. You can read more about the event there and then sign up or make a donation here. The price is similar and you can either purchase a ticket to attend or make a donation, just as you would for the March 9th event.

Both workshops will give you the knowledge, tools, and drive you need to bring yourself into wellness. There will be healthy snacks and drinks available, as well as an optimal cleanse + detox workshop, a lesson on healthier eating and living habits, guided meditation, and more! These events are JAM packed with information and tools to help YOU for life. Help yourself while helping others. It can’t get much better than that.

If you would like to learn more about Sarah, Fern, Bliss Out Retreats or either workshop, the links to everything you need are provided below. I hope that you join us for these two events in New York City and one day embark on the unique experience that is a Bliss Out retreat. Wishing you health, wellness and love! xoxo Kim

Sarah Anne Stewart + Introducing Wellness, LLC

Yoga with Fern

Bliss Out Retreats

Sarah on Facebook

Fern on Facebook

Africa Yoga Project Benefit, March 9th

Twist Your Way into Spring, March 15th

March 9th sign-up

March 15th sign-upΒ 



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