Introducing Health, Wellness, and Bliss to NYC — Bliss Out Retreat’s March 9th Workshop

As I headed down to Pure Yoga in NYC for Bliss Out Retreat’s ‘Introducing Health and Wellness to NYC’ workshop, I looked out the train window and reveled in the beauty of the day. It was one of the nicest days of the last few weeks and couldn’t have come at a better time.

Sarah Me Fern

Sarah Me Fern

Sarah and Fern greeted me with smiles and hugs, just as they greeted each and every person that walked into the studio. The environment was warm, friendly, and inviting. We were also joined by Nina from Sweetgreen and Seanna from One Medical Group.

Sweetgreen is a place of delicious food that’s both healthy for you and aligned with some awesome values. They source local and organic ingredients from farmers they know and partners that they trust — supporting the local community while developing relationships with those around them, as well as with those they do business. How many companies can say that?

One Medical Group is a group of physicians who built a totally new medical group that listens to their patients. From primary care and integrative medicine to lab services and women’s health, you’re covered at One Medical Group — including on-time appointments and online support. This is health care designed around you. If you are interested, you can learn more about how One Medical Group works here.


When everyone was settled onto their mat, Fern and Sarah introduced themselves, Nina, Seanna and myself, giving us all the chance to smile and say hello to the group. Fern led us in a Vinyasa Flow Yoga sequence, followed by some meditation led by Sarah. Before we began the meditation, Sarah gave a great introduction to its power and the benefits from which we all can gain. As many of us know, meditation and yoga are great ways to be present while calming the body and the mind, reducing stress and risk of chronic diseases. But meditation is also a powerful tool when tackling nutritional and lifestyle changes.

As the old saying goes, “you can do anything you set your mind to.” The power of the mind is an amazing thing, and as someone who has made vast nutritional and lifestyle changes in her life, I can say firsthand that your mind really needs to be in it in order to succeed and progress. In comes the power of meditation. Sarah said to us, “I can give out a nutrition plan just like any other health coach or nutritionist,” and that is true — she offers something that many others also offer. But more importantly, she offers something that many others don’t — she helps you strengthen your mind so that YOU can set yourself up for success, among other things. It isn’t always the plan itself or what someone advises us to do that enables us to succeed; it’s us. It’s us doing what we set our minds to. It’s us following through with that nutrition plan and the other healthful goals we set for ourselves. If you want to succeed, you are the one that has to do the hard part — the work. And strengthening your mind will enable you to succeed. Sarah and Fern led us through three types of meditation, all designed to keep you present, calm the mind, relax the body, and strengthen the mind. Setting us up for health and success.

Afterwards, the girls engaged in a brief Q&A with the workshop guests and initiated free time to mingle, chat, receive ear acupuncture by Seanna and enjoy a delicious salad courtesy of Sweetgreen. Nina set out three types of salad for us to choose from: kale caesar, spicy sabzi, and guacamole greens. I had the guacamole greens and it was amazing.


The workshop went by so fast because it was so enjoyable. I helped out with a few things, retreated to take pictures, and I still felt totally relaxed and educated when I left. I loved Fern’s yoga sequence; I’m not a total yogi but I dabble in some yoga, and this sequence challenged me in a way I really enjoyed. We became present in the space while twisting, stretching and challenging ourselves on our mats. We relaxed, learned successful meditation techniques and received personal tips from both Fern and Sarah on how to better our health with proper nutrition, along with certain tactics for cancer and disease prevention. All attendees additionally received 3 free months to One Medical Group, a free taste of Sweetgreen and the chance to experience acupuncture. This workshop compiled so many opportunities and experiences into 2 fabulous love-filled hours, making for a truly incredible and unique afternoon.

Best of all, the proceeds from the workshop went to the Africa Yoga Project — an amazing nonprofit that educates, empowers, elevates and employs youth from Kenya, Africa, using the transformational practice of yoga and meditation.


If you missed the workshop, you can still attend the next one this Saturday, March 15th, at Yoga People [160 Montague St.] in Brooklyn, NY. Sign up or make a donation here. The proceeds from this workshop will also go to the Africa Yoga Project. So take some time for yourself this weekend — come relax, learn, meet Sarah & Fern, and support a good cause while enjoying yummy good-for-you snacks from another Bliss Out Retreats sponsor.

I personally thank Sarah and Fern for bringing me on board their mission to improve the world and our own health — one workshop and retreat at a time. These two girls are incredible leaders; they are personable, warm, inspiring and in love with what they do each day. The joy and passion that they have for helping others truly shines through their soothing voices during yoga, meditation and the insight that they share; you can feel it in the hugs and smiles that they give. Sarah and Fern create a light, happy and healthy atmosphere that is so utterly contagious, you have to experience it for yourself.

A big thank you to Pure Yoga for hosting this workshop at their gorgeous studio, One Medical Group and Sweetgreen for being with us and helping the Bliss Out team in our mission. Additional thanks to Lumelle, Healthy Vices, Serene Social, Feminine Weapon, Soma Water, and The Lovely It Girl for your attendance and support in our mission to improve health and support the Africa Yoga Project.

I hope you join us for a future workshop or retreat. You can sign up for the March 15th workshop here and learn more about the upcoming Bliss Out retreat taking place May 15-19 in Rincon, Puerto Rico, here. Wishing you all light and love, xo.



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