Reebok Spartan Race 2014 Racing Season

Hey everyone! I’ve recently been in touch with Dan from the Reebok Spartan Race and am going to share with you some pretty cool stuff.


Spring is here and racing season is just about to begin. Whether you are new to running or a running veteran, a Spartan race might be just the thing you need this year. It may be that extra boost you need to commit to a race or it may be the thing that takes your racing to the next level. So to get you going, here is an exclusive offer for 15% off a 2014 Spartan race!

In addition to the races, Reebok also has the new All-terrain Spartan Race shoe that made its debut last month on March 15th.


An all-terrain shoe is something every runner should have. Runs can happen anytime, anywhere — with an all-terrain shoe, you don’t have to worry about being ill-prepared. Runs also have the tendency to take you many places. On my runs I go from path to pavement with the opportunity to go on grass as well. Things could be dry or wet and muddy. If you don’t have the right shoes and are switching terrains, you could potentially injure yourself. The wrong shoe on the wrong terrain — I’ve been there. It’s not pleasant.

If you can’t already tell, I’m a very picky running shoe wearer. I have my lightweight shoes that I love and will not run in anything that does not give me the same feeling I get from these shoes. If I wear the wrong shoes, my knees are hurting and my run is suffering. Injury knocking on the door. So I beg you, find the right shoe. And if you are a Spartan, this shoe was made for you. This lightweight shoe is specifically made with draining ports that drain water quickly and easily with 360 degrees of traction to shed mud. Not a Spartan? Hiking through the woods or on a trail — how many times have you come across mud, a stream or some other kind of water? Made with the Spartan race in mind, these shoes will make you unstoppable on any course. I might just have to grab myself a pair for hiking.

I love the outdoors, especially outdoor running. It naturally challenges you with hills, declines, bumps, curves, the changing of the terrain and natural elements like wind, sun and rain. I believe nothing will make you feel as strong as crushing an outdoor run. It’s a grounding and exhilarating experience. Treadmills are great for emergencies, but as of late I prefer to either run outside or do something else. A treadmill can never give you 1/4 of what you get from an outdoor run — in terms of training, strengthening or feeling. It just doesn’t come close. But sometimes people need a little more — maybe some obstacles? Fire? Barbed wire? If you love the outdoors, excitement and a good challenge, you may want to give a Spartan Race a try. And what better time than now? Do you have a goal? Will a Spartan Race or any other race help you reach that goal? If so, then do it. Commit.

But remember — if it doesn’t challenge you, it sure as hell won’t change you.



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