Go from Sweaty to Swanky in Just 15 minutes with Glam&Go!

Everyone loves the feeling they have leaving the gym after a great workout. The thing nobody loves is how they look leaving the gym. No one wants to show up to work, class or a meeting looking sweaty or half put together. With Glam&Go, you no longer have to think of looking great and fitting in your workout as a choice between one or the other. Glam&Go is the express blow-dry bar specializing in 15 minute dry wash & blows, braided styles and 30 minute wet-to-dry signature styles — all from the convenient location of the spa and gym. Currently located in NYC, Stamford, Miami and Baltimore, Glam&Go is certainly making itself known.


The Glam&Go mission is to provide high quality service that is accessible and affordable. Keeping your wallet fat while you sweat and slim down. You may not have the cash to indulge in Glam&Go after every sweat sesh, but it is ideal for the day you have a big meeting, a presentation, an event or when you just feel like treating yourself. As a nutrition and wellness consultant, I think of reward as a pretty big deal. You set goals, you accomplish them and naturally, you’d like a reward.

Other than the reward of looking your best, it is smart to indulge in something that makes you feel great but doesn’t prevent you from reaching your next goal or diminish the goal you just reached. Think: buying yourself a new shirt, getting a mani/pedi or getting a stylish blowout from Glam&Go after you crush your workout. These rewards are more rewarding than a piece of cheesecake and help break the unhealthy habit of rewarding yourself with food. Food is meant to feed and nourish your body, not to be treated as a prize. Glam&Go is the affordable luxury for the busy and active woman who is constantly working towards her goals.

Glam&Go dry wash and blows run at $20 and full wet-to-dry blowouts, where ‘you shower, we style,’ are $35. Below is the current Glam&Go menu.


Click to enlarge

In NYC, Glam&Go is located in several spas and gyms, but as settings do differ, placement will depend on the location. Glam&Go can currently be found at the following locations:

  • exhale Upper East Side, New York, NY
  • Sports Club LA/NY – Upper East Side, New York, NY
  • The Setai Club on Wall Street, New York, NY
  • The Mercedes Club, 54th Street, New York, NY
  • exhale Stamford, CT
  • exhale at the Lowes Hotel, South Beach, FL
  • exhale at The EPIC, Miami, FL
  • The Merritt Athletic Club, Canton, MD
  • The Merritt Athletic Club, Fort Avenue, MD

Coming soon to:

  • New York Athletic Club
  • Hearst Tower
  • Bank of America Tower
  • exhale Bridgehampton

For more information, plesase visit the Glam&Go website and/or the Glam&Go Facebook page. Making each woman’s busy schedule a little less busy, Glam&Go is certainly raising the bar.



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