How to Stay on Track While Working

For many people, it is hard to stay on track at work or while working. I have actually been experiencing the opposite — I stay on track really well during the week and while at work and tend to indulge here and there on the weekends. The absolutely biggest key to staying on track is being prepared. If you are prepared, you are golden. To prepare well, you need to know your body and your habits, then plan accordingly. Knowing myself and planning accordingly, this is how I prepare for the week ahead:


I’m fortunate enough to not have to do a full food shop right now, but I still try to get to the store so I can buy my own necessities, especially ones for work. This is just a snapshot of a few of my staples:

  • organic oats or granola — I like Nature’s Promise Organic Oats or Organic Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats and Ola Granola (found at Stop and Shop)
  • organic coconut palm sugar — for oatmeal, coffee and other sweetening
  • unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk — I like Silk and So Delicious brands because there is no carrageenan. I use this for coffee at the office.
  • greek yogurt — I’ve been getting Chobani 100 recently because it’s all natural and only has 7 g of sugar; that’s half the sugar of other greek yogurts, unless they are plain. I’m not really a fan of the plain, so I consider this to be pretty good! I have these as a snack or part of my lunch.
  • fruit — for snacking or to pair with lunch
  • organic gluten-free superfood crackers — I am LOVING Mary’s Gone Super Seed Crackers. I usually have a few with lunch.
  • organic bars — Also loving Pure Organic bars (banana coconut and chocolate brownie). I have these on hand for when I need a snack between breakfast and lunch.

Other great staples:

  • organic baby spinach — for salads and smoothies
  • organic dark chocolate — for a delicious treat that’s also nutritious. I LOVE this organic, nonGMO, fair-trade and soy-free THEO dark chocolate made with coconut!


  • nut butter — this vegan Earth Balance Coconut Peanut Butter is amazing. It has no sugar and is made with coconut oil. I like to either have some with my Mary’s Gone Crackers or have a little scoop before I head home to workout.


  • nuts — it’s always good to have these on hand. I usually go with roasted unsalted almonds but am now trying a cashew pistachio almond mix from Back to Nature — made with these 3 nuts and sea salt.

I like to pack a salad for lunch and aim to have some meat with it, like chicken or a turkey burger. But when I eat breakfast at 5 am and eat dinner at 6:30 pm, a simple salad at 11:30 am is just not enough. And that’s okay. So I aim to have a source of protein around 9 am, when I start to get a little hungry (a yogurt, a bar or some nuts), and I have some crackers and fruit or a yogurt with lunch, depending on what I had for a snack. I have a pretty big lunch, but I need that to get me through the rest of my day.

I then try to have a little something before I workout since I don’t get home til about 4:30 pm. This could either be a scoop of peanut butter, a handful of nuts, a banana with peanut butter or simply a piece of fruit if I am doing something light like going for a bike ride or taking a walk. Fueling up before a workout helps your body prepare for the workout ahead and can actually lead to burning more calories during and after your workout. It also helps me from being ravenous by the time I eat dinner.

We cannot be afraid to eat or underestimate the power of our food — our bodies need nourishment from good food.

I dedicate 12 hours a day to work alone between commuting and being at the office. Adding in a workout and anything else that comes up in the evening adds up to a long day! But I’ve adjusted quickly and amazingly. I go to sleep early, eat smart and workout regularly; all of which have helped me tremendously. I could not do this if I did not take the time to plan. Sure, sometimes I don’t want to prepare my lunch the night before, make my breakfast or stop at the store after a full day’s work, but I do it because I know the next day I am going to say to myself, “Thank goodness I went to the store,” when I get hungry at work or “I am so happy my breakfast and lunch are already made,” when I’m getting into my car at 4:50 am.

Planning will make or break you. You either suck it up and do it or wish you had later on. Which would you prefer? And when you get hungry at your desk, it’s nice to know you have this waiting for you in your drawer /in the refrigerator:


I hope this encourages you to prepare and choose wisely!

Good food, good tips, good moves, good for you

xo Kim, Running on Good


Egg Muffins Recipe

The other night, I needed a quick and easy dinner. I tacked on a second workout before leaving work, so when I got home I wanted a no-fuss dinner. Lightbulb! Egg Muffins! Protein, vegetables, and a little coconut oil… perfect.


This really worked out great. I mixed everything, threw it on the oven, took a shower, waited 10 more minutes and was then sitting down to dinner. No fussing, no 20 minutes cooking in the kitchen, and no grazing around while I starved. I got my shower done, into my PJs, dried my hair a little, and ding! dinner was done. Clearly, these are designed for breakfast, but I like to break the rules of being conventional. Food is food. Eat what is good and what works for you, who cares if it’s a “breakfast food” or “dinner food” or anything else.

You can serve these by themselves, with another vegetable, a side of brown rice/quinoa mixed with mushrooms or if you have kids, add some organic shredded mozzarella cheese into the mix and pair this with a fun smoothie like organic milk/peanut butter/frozen banana and you’ve got yourself a pretty cool dinner! These are super healthy and a time saver.

How to make:

  • Whisk 2 whole organic antibiotic free eggs in a large bowl (# of eggs typically yields # of muffins; I did 2 eggs and got 2 muffins)
  • Finely dice any vegetables you want (tomato, cucumber, broccoli, peppers, kale, spinach, onion, etc.) and add to the whisked eggs
  • Add flavor with organic minced garlic, Real Salt, pepper + any seasoning you enjoy (don’t be afraid of adding too much flavor; less is NOT more in this case)
  • Optional: add organic shredded cheese into the mix
  • Whisk and spoon into muffin tins greased with coconut oil (adds amazing flavor, too!)
  • Bake at 350 degrees F for at least 30 minutes (watch for edges to brown and test with a toothpick)

I drizzled a little organic ketchup on mine and enjoyed every bite. Hope you try these out on your busy mornings, afternoons, or nights! They’re great to play around with because you can truly add whatever you want. Explore, play with your food, and enjoy!

Good food. Good tips. Good moves. Good for you.

xo Kim, Running on Good

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Snack Attack! Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas

Who doesn’t love a good snack? A crazy person, that’s who. Snacking doesn’t have to detrimental to your health or weight. It CAN be. But it doesn’t HAVE to be. That’s where you come in. You control what you eat. And when you are well educated, prepared, determined and love what you are eating, you are good to go!

So one day, I decided to oven bake something that I love–chickpeas. I’ve done the homemade sweet potato chips (which I love), have yet to tackle the homemade kale chips (for no particular reason), and wanted to use something that I already had. Most of us always have oil and salt in the house, it’s the last ingredient that stumps us. I happened to have chickpeas in the pantry and gave it a whirl. It was magical. SO crunchy, SO satisfying, SO tasty. A perfect snack.


How I made these babies:

  • Grease a pan with coconut oil
  • Toss chickpeas in any seasoning you want (I like Real Salt, chili powder, and garlic powder)
  • Bake at 400 degrees F for 45-60 minutes (I like them REALLY crunchy; I just tested them after 45 mins)

*You could also experiment at 425 F for 35-40 minutes if you’re impatient.

DONE! They are so easy, the hardest part is waiting for them to do done. Chickpeas are naturally low in fat and filled with protein & fiber. They’re also great for your colon and digestive health. So naturally, they add up to be a much healthier alternative to any packaged snack. I recommend organic chickpeas or ones with no additives. READ those labels, people! Chickpeas are very inexpensive, so getting a good quality can of chickpeas is no wallet burner. Eat ’em at home or pack them up and take them with you in the car or to work, school, and on your other daily travels.

Next time you have a snack attack, try these out! Enjoy xo

Veggie Inspired Meals

I always like to have one meal a day that’s largely built around vegetables. Most of the time it ends up being dinner, but it could also be lunch. One of these meals is lighter than the other and really could be a mid-day snack, while the other is more complete for a dinner.

Meal 1: Scrambled Eggs with Broccoli, Tomato, and Basil


If you’ve never added fresh basil leaves to your scrambled eggs, I highly suggest it. It is delicious! I just scrambled 2 eggs as I normally would, in a pan with coconut oil and added the fresh broccoli, cut tomato, and basil leaves. Heat, scramble, and serve! After cooking I dressed this with a touch of Italian herb olive oil. Yum!

Meal 2: Green Salad with Roasted Potatoes 


For this salad, I incorporated leftover roasted veggies from the night prior. The salad is organic baby spinach leaves, leftover roasted brussels sprouts and broccoli, organic cucumber, and organic grape tomatoes drizzled with Italian herb olive oil and organic balsamic vinegar. The potatoes were diced and roasted with coconut oil, salt, pepper, and oregano. And my wine is Yellowtail Merlot, although I prefer Pinot Noir 🙂 It’s very good though!

I love mixing vegetables together because it makes them less boring. I love vegetables, but sometimes I’m not so excited to eat them. Roasting vegetables is a favorite way of preparing them for me and mixing leftover roasted veggies into a salad is one of my new favorite things to do. Produce is the key to health. By getting in your fresh fruits and vegetables you are doing something very smart for your body!

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15 Minute Scrambles

I’m all for quick and easy meals, especially when it comes to dinner. I often make some kind of “scramble,” sometimes with eggs and sometimes without. It’s always good to have protein with your meal, and these two scrambles have protein, healthy fats, and vegetables for a balanced meal; one with eggs and one without.

1) Mexican Scrambled Eggs


  • 2 organic eggs (protein, healthy fat)
  • bell peppers
  • baby spinach
  • black beans (protein)

Scramble eggs in a pan with coconut oil/ghee/coconut ghee, spinach, and bell peppers. When it’s just about done, add the beans to warm them up. Pairs well with hot sauce or organic ketchup.

2) Greek Scramble


  • chickpeas (protein)
  • bell peppers
  • baby spinach
  • black olives cut into halves (healthy fat)

This scramble is egg-free and easier than an egg scramble. The clean up is easier, you don’t have to wait for the eggs, and it’s more filling. I threw everything into a pan and waited for the spinach to be thoroughly heated. I drizzled this with some olive oil after it was removed from the heat. And if you like cheese, you can always add feta. This may be my favorite scramble that I’ve made because I love Greek style food and the style really comes out in this dish with the black olives.

I love scrambles because they’re quick, easy, and you get an array of colors, tastes, and nutrients. They are almost like a stir-fry but without sauce. I always dress mine at the end to use only what I really need to get some extra flavor. Other foods that are great for scrambles are:

  • any vegetable, cut or diced if needed
  • mushrooms
  • any kind of beans
  • diced meat, chop meat, chunk tuna
  • rice
  • quinoa

Scrambles are also a great way to experiment and have fun with food. You can easily cook up something homemade and delicious that you can feel good about and be proud of.

Good food. Good tips. Good moves. Good for you.

xo Kim, Running on Good

Is there an organic egg shortage? Read this article by my blogging friend, Lindsay Dahl, to find out more and what we can do about it! 

Eating Well While Away

Last weekend I was away in Montauk for my sister’s bachelorette weekend. Aside from Montauk being my favorite place that I’ve ever been to, I also love the great food options. I always plan my meals ahead of time because that’s how I stay in control, balance my diet, and feel my best. Planning is key. If you do not plan or think ahead, you are tempting yourself with making a poor decision. Here are some of the meals I ate while on the road/away:

  • (on the road) Larabar and water
  • (lunch) Egg white scramble with quinoa, avocado, lettuce, and tomato + side of yogurt, granola, and strawberries
  • (snack) KIND bar and an orange
  • (dinner) Salad with grilled chicken + small packet of mixed nuts
  • (breakfast) Egg whites, turkey bacon, avocado, and spinach on a whole wheat wrap, banana, iced coffee
  • (lunch) Apple and “Breakfast in Barbados Smoothie” made with oats, banana, almond milk, coconut water, and a touch of cinnamon (there was originally honey instead of coconut water, but I asked for the substitution and added the cinnamon myself)
  • (dinner) Crabmeat cocktail with avocado as an appetizer, atlantic swordfish with mango salsa, coconut jasmine rice, and sesame toasted green beans (all delicious!)
  • (dinner treat) Two mango margaritas–made with mango puree (I was on vacation!) 🙂
  • (breakfast) Chobani yogurt, banana, small pack of almonds, iced coffee



*And always, lots and lots of water! Especially now that it’s summertime and we are all out in the sun and heat.

Do some research before you go somewhere. Can you find a place that offers good, healthy food options? If so, utilize it! Don’t brush it off because you’re on vacation. In Montauk, there is an organic and natural food market/cafe where I get my smoothies, fruit, KIND bars, and other snacks or things to bring back to my room while I am there. It is so amazing to have a place you can rely on while away.


You’re supposed to go on vacation to relax, so don’t make the mistake of going overboard and indulging every day at every meal to come home and feel guilty. Find whole food options, stick with them, and plan! Planning will help you indulge wisely. I knew I wanted to enjoy my dinner, so I had a big breakfast (the egg white wrap) and a smaller lunch (apple and smoothie). I also bought a small (1 serving) size bar of Green and Black’s Organic 70% Dark Chocolate and put it in the fridge in my room. That way, if I really wanted a treat I knew where it was and what it was going to be. But I planned to make dinner my time to get what I want, and I did (hello, two margaritas!). I didn’t even have the dark chocolate til I came home!

All weekend I was satisfied and eating delicious foods. I came home without an ounce of guilt. The two margaritas and traveling certainly made me retain a little water, but within two days of being in my normal routine and fitting in some running and swimming, I was back to normal. Hope this helps guide some of your vacation planning! Remember to stay active, too! Go for a swim, take a walk through town, maybe squeeze in a run on the beach–even if it’s for 20-30 minutes; you’ll feel so much better! I went in the ocean and got to walk in town a bit, then got right back into my normal routine when I was home and had a good night’s sleep. Be healthy, be wise, and enjoy yourself!